Certifications for guaranteed quality

ISO 22000 : In its constant quest to provide its clients with both quality and security, Leroux applies the best manufacturing practice on a daily basis, hence enabling its products to benefit from ISO 22000 certification. This certification specifically guarantees the control of food safety-related risks. This is made possible thanks to a preventive and risk management approach based on the HACCP method. This international food safety management system applies to all products processed on the Orchies site, from simply dehydrated unroasted chicory to soluble chicory extract.

ECOCERT : Some products from the Leroux range are also available in AB (organic farming) organic form, endorsed by ECOCERT certification. On a limited range of products, Leroux has extended its certification to NOP standard (National Organic Program). Table sweetener production has also benefited from BRC certification for the past 10 years.

GMP + B2 : Keen to develop spent grains for use in animal feed and in anticipation of its clients' requirements, Leroux has also opted for GMP certification.

KOSHER : Leroux’s production of chicory-based products and sweeteners is kosher.


In order to maintain its excellent performance, Leroux's variety adaptation and development is the produce of constant research with scientific partners: Florimond Desprez and Lille University of Science and Technology.
This is a scientific interest group where shared resources help promote fundamental knowledge, develop strategic innovation and creation, and make available to seed producers the essential tools for traditional selection so they can better cater to the expectations of consumers, of agriculture and food industry stakeholders, and to better address environmental issues.

Florimond Desprez Université Lille 1



Leroux certifies that ionisation processes are not used to manufacture its products.
Leroux products are guaranteed GMO-free.



FederSince 2004, LEROUX has been a member of the “nutrition, health, longevity” cluster of the Nord-Pas de Calais region. Several collaborative research and development projects have resulted from the efforts of this cluster.
The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) supports the Leroux innovation programme.